Demo Stores:

There are two different types of stores you can run during this test.

  1. An HTML Style of store using standard HTML pages.
  2. A database driven store that uses a template page to display line items from the database.

Listed below are examples store pages for both types of stores. These are just basic demonstration examples.


HTML Store Example:

Example HTML Product Page:

Here is an example of a product page built using the QuikCode Wizard. It includes the quantity input box, a set of options for the product, and the Add To Cart button. 

Example Product Page


Database Store Example:

The Database Search Page:

This is an example of linking directly to the database store search page. The default name of this page is "search.html". This search.html page is located in your document root (www) directory by default.

The database search page is used to find specific products from the "products.dat" file which is located in the cgi-bin/database directory by default. You can search the database for products by Categories or Keywords using this type of page.

Here is the link:

Database Search Page